Three Days in Cabo

… is more than enough.

Cabo is, um, interesting. With parasailing, jet-skis, two cruise ships anchored side by side, boats shaped like bananas, and all manner of spring break booze cruises with girls in bikinis doing the Electric Slide on the decks (whaaat?), it’s quite a party town.

That said, the weather is warm and the view beautiful, and the water clear. Still it’s good to relax after a week at sea. We did try launching our runabout to go explore but with all the water sports and their wakes, it proved a little too much for our first time.

Our freezer/fridge is still on the fritz. Still using up items in the freezer and I had frozen some homemade pizza sauce. We are out of cold beer and we’re desperate, but hey, I made pizza from scratch!

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