Los Frailes

Making our way from Cabo to Los Frailes was all upwind motoring and a very wet, annoying ride. Once we arrived and anchored, we discovered that our sheets, comforter, and blanket were soaked at the foot of the bed located at the bow of the boat, by the anchor locker. We were not in a good mood.

Los Frailes ended up being a pretty quiet anchorage for us. We just relaxed.  The anchorage had a lot of marine life. We saw Manta Rays jumping every day and a school of fish (I think the same one over and over again) would roil the water right by our boat, rise to the surface, and then beautifully motion below before finding another place to surface. Over and over again, the water clear enough to see at least a hundred fish making up this school rise and fall and move across the bay. You could hear the splashes when they surfaced.

We accidentally locked Sam the Cat outside overnight! Thankfully, he did not go overboard, but he was mighty vocal when Scott finally opened the companionway in the morning!

Still dealing with the freezer/fridge. Hitting up the bunches of pesto I made back in San Diego. Lots of pesto pasta happening here.

2 thoughts on “Los Frailes

  1. Pesto pasta sounds delicious.
    Sorry to hear about the wet linens, I hope you have a good time there
    Picture looks like a painting

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