Los Frailes

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Making our way from Cabo to Los Frailes was all upwind motoring and a very wet, annoying ride. Once we arrived and anchored, we discovered that our sheets, comforter, and blanket were soaked at the foot of the bed located at the bow of the boat, by the anchor locker. We were not in a […]

Ensenada to Cabo

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After a month in Ensenada, where the majority of our time was spent scarfing down various mariscos and sundry goodies, we bid goodbye to Marina Coral and set off to Cabo, ready to sail 710 nautical miles, or roughly seven continuous days at sea. Day 1 Despite affixing a scopolamine patch behind my ear as […]

Enjoying Ensenada

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We’ve been in Ensenada for almost two weeks. We’ve explored the downtown, ate seafood tostadas from a food cart, drank margaritas at Hussong’s, had fantastic coffee, explored the markets, and stopped for made to order ceviche (more than once). We are loving the food here in Mexico, and this is only our first stop. Reading my […]

Stuck in San Diego

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Yes, we’re still in San Diego. While it’s a lovely place to be, we much rather be in Mexico right now. So what’s the hold up? Getting our Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation. To enter Mexico, you need an active Certificate of Documentation that proves to the Mexican government that you own the boat. This document is […]

San Diego

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We pulled into busy San Diego at 11am on New Year’s Eve and tied up at the San Diego Public Docks on Shelter Island.  It was a 27-hour, 155-nautical mile sail from Ventura and around the west coast of Catalina island to get here.  Scott and I were so tired from the trip that we […]


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Our sail from Santa Barbara to Ventura was one of our best. It was only 24 miles and with 10-15 knots of wind on our stern, we sailed all the way. It was such a nice sail that even Sam came out and joined us in the cockpit! We were warmly greeted by neighboring boats […]

Santa Barbara

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After much weather stalking (my new term for Scott’s obsessive checking of various weather sites to try to get a good picture of what’s being forecasted), and googling about other people’s experiences rounding Point Conception, and reaching out to locals for info, we found the right weather conditions and decided on our route. We both […]

Morro Bay

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I pulled the boat out of our guest slip and two standing turns later (thanks to channel traffic) we side-tied next to the fuel and pump-out dock in Santa Cruz. “Do you want to top off the tank?” I asked Scott. “Nah,” he replied. Sailing from Santa Cruz to Morro Bay takes about 21 hours. This […]

Santa Cruz

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It was still dark when Scott and I woke up. Quietly, we got ourselves, Sam the Cat, and the boat ready to go.  As the sun began to rise, we slipped out of Pillar Point and set sail towards Santa Cruz. It was a calm sail. A little too calm as we needed to motor-sail […]