Anchored in San Carlos

We said goodbye to Marina San Carlos and, with Don from SV Windcharmer providing muscle, safely pulled out of our tight slip and motored into the Bahia to anchor. It’s quite different out here, just a quarter mile away from the marina. It’s cooler and there’s a weather phenomenon that brings regular afternoon breezes. We’re so happy to be back on the hook!

We expected to be anchored here just for the night while Scott continued working on the refrigeration system. Yes, we’ve been struggling with our refrigeration since leaving San Diego, but it’s completely stopped working. Scott has been communicating with Rich, the owner of Technautics, over email for a while now and both think they’re close to solving the problem. Unfortunately, while trying to unscrew a valve, we tore a hole in the copper tubing leading to the holding plate. Also unfortunately, the tear is big enough and in the worst possible location that the only thing we can do is get a new holding plate.

Thankfully, Technautics has a refurbished holding plate and can ship it over to us next week. We’ll make do with no cold brews or refrigeration until then. We’re kind of used to it anyway.

In the meantime, this anchorage is beautiful, the weather is comfortable, and yesterday Heidi and Kirk from SV Due West anchored right behind us. So while we had other plans, we’re happy to be among friends and all is well.


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