Enjoying Ensenada

We’ve been in Ensenada for almost two weeks. We’ve explored the downtown, ate seafood tostadas from a food cart, drank margaritas at Hussong’s, had fantastic coffee, explored the markets, and stopped for made to order ceviche (more than once).

We are loving the food here in Mexico, and this is only our first stop. Reading my Latin American cookbook, Gran Cocina Latina, and walking around the markets, a seemingly endless realm of possibilities are opening up. I’m picturing cooking with a variety of beans I’ve never seen before much less eaten. And let’s not forget about making fresh salsas. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Seems like all we’re doing is eating, but that’s ok with us!

One thought on “Enjoying Ensenada

  1. OMG wish I was there. Would love to be eating some of that good food. Send me more pictures as soon as you take them because I really want to follow your travels. Pat and I really missed you guys we think about you all the time. Love mom and dad.

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