Santa Cruz

It was still dark when Scott and I woke up. Quietly, we got ourselves, Sam the Cat, and the boat ready to go.  As the sun began to rise, we slipped out of Pillar Point and set sail towards Santa Cruz.

It was a calm sail. A little too calm as we needed to motor-sail a lot of the time. Still, the sun was out, the day was clear, Sam was in his carrier, and this time, no one was seasick.

The highlight of our sail was seeing dolphins! At first, there was a sizable pod a good mile east of us. In addition to seeing them jump out of the water, they leave a little wake so they’re quite noticeable. At some point, our paths converged and our bow was surrounded.

I can’t even articulate how amazing it was to see so many dolphins jumping and swimming around us. They stuck around for about an hour.

Once we pulled into Santa Cruz, we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Sunset in Santa Cruz
Sunset in Santa Cruz

Thanksgiving was spent on the boat, sans turkey, but we loaded up on typical sides.

Next stop, Morro Bay!

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