San Carlos to Bahia Concepcion – Start of our 2nd Season

After retrieving a homemade buoy that found itself caught on our anchor, we left Bahia San Carlos and had a fast and fantastic 95 mile sail to Playa Coyote in Bahia Concepcion. We had wind all day and night, traveling 6 to 7 knots, music on, spirits high. Nice to feel good about a crossing! We were actually sailing too fast, and during a night watch, Scott made a slight detour so that we wouldn’t arrive at 4am.

Literally sailing off into the sunset from San Carlos.

Viviane mid-passage (San Carlos to Bahia Concepcion)

Once in Bahia Concepcion, we snorkeled and relaxed in Playa Coyote. Later in the week, we motored over to Playa Buenaventura for lunch and met Nathan, Mark, and Olivia, and enjoyed their good burgers and margaritas. It’s quiet, and it feels like we have the entire bay to ourselves this time around.

Juniper at Playa Coyote

For over the hills at Playa Coyote.

Juniper at Playa Buenaventura

We pulled up anchor and sailed over to Punta Chivato. Last time we were here bummed us out as the town seemed abandoned and we never did get to walk what’s known as “Shell Beach” as the swell made it impossible for us to stay. This time, all was calm and I hit the shell jackpot! I collected a lot of shells, mostly for the fun of it, and then threw the majority back into the water.

Shell beach at Punta Chivato

Shell bounty

Anchored in San Carlos

We said goodbye to Marina San Carlos and, with Don from SV Windcharmer providing muscle, safely pulled out of our tight slip and motored into the Bahia to anchor. It’s quite different out here, just a quarter mile away from the marina. It’s cooler and there’s a weather phenomenon that brings regular afternoon breezes. We’re so happy to be back on the hook!

We expected to be anchored here just for the night while Scott continued working on the refrigeration system. Yes, we’ve been struggling with our refrigeration since leaving San Diego, but it’s completely stopped working. Scott has been communicating with Rich, the owner of Technautics, over email for a while now and both think they’re close to solving the problem. Unfortunately, while trying to unscrew a valve, we tore a hole in the copper tubing leading to the holding plate. Also unfortunately, the tear is big enough and in the worst possible location that the only thing we can do is get a new holding plate.

Thankfully, Technautics has a refurbished holding plate and can ship it over to us next week. We’ll make do with no cold brews or refrigeration until then. We’re kind of used to it anyway.

In the meantime, this anchorage is beautiful, the weather is comfortable, and yesterday Heidi and Kirk from SV Due West anchored right behind us. So while we had other plans, we’re happy to be among friends and all is well.


Season 1 Photo Wrap-Up

These photos were taken during our first season cruising from San Francisco to Baja, September 2015 to September 2016.