Agua Verde

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We left San Evaristo towards Agua Verde, motoring because there’s so little wind. After we dropped the anchor, backed down, and attached our snubbers, I heard what sounded like a sarcastic “hello”. I turned around to see a man standing on the bow of his catamaran about 450 feet away, with arms akimbo, also known […]

San Evaristo

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San Evaristo is a quiet little fishing village. Very calm and beautiful. As it’s late in the season, we were one of three sailboats in the bay, one of which were our friends Michael and Tiki on S/V Marilon, who we met in Isla San Francisco. There’s a small restaurant on shore, Lupe Sierra’s and Maggie Mae, […]

Isla San Francisco

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Isla San Francisco is an island known for “The Hook,” a gorgeous crescent shaped bay with crystal blue waters and burnt red rocky cliffs. We took one look at the swell heading into that gorgeous crescent shaped bay and noped out to the east side, a smaller, less picturesque anchorage, but one that would afford us […]

Ensenada Grande

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We left Bonanza in search of a calmer anchorage with protection from the southern winds. Ensenada Grande, on the northwest side of Isla Partida, seemed like an excellent choice. This place is beautiful. Desert-like, with reddish rocks surrounding the anchorage, it feels like you’re in the grand canyon, but with water. We arrived to find […]

Playa Bonanza

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Bonanza is a lovely anchorage with a two mile long beach on the southeast side of Isla Espiritu Santo. What’s special about this beach is it’s loaded with shells and it makes for wonderful pickings. Scott and I spent some time walking and collecting. It’s also great for snorkeling as there’s a few reefs here […]

La Paz

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We departed Puerto Balandra for Bahia Falsa, just a short distance away. Bahia Falsa isn’t as beautiful as Balandra but it’s peaceful and we’re looking forward to some restful nights of sleep. I went to drop the anchor and after letting out about 30 feet of chain, it stopped paying out of the locker. We’ve […]

Los Frailes

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Making our way from Cabo to Los Frailes was all upwind motoring and a very wet, annoying ride. Once we arrived and anchored, we discovered that our sheets, comforter, and blanket were soaked at the foot of the bed located at the bow of the boat, by the anchor locker. We were not in a […]